On a Wing and a Boat

Group of cachers who made the trip

Group of cachers who made the trip.

Finding this cache was almost a yearlong odyssey.  Back at the end of August 2011 I received a notification for a cache, nothing new or strange there but as it turned out Middle Sister Cache is out in Lake Erie on a small remote island.  With no way to get to it I put the cache out of my mind until recently when I started working with James, a regular on Lake Erie either boating or fishing.  I’m always thinking about how to get that FTF so I went and checked out “Middle Sister cache” and was pleased to find that no FTF had been made yet.  After some questioning James agreed that he could take his 26ft Sportcraft and nine adventure seekers out on the lake.  Unfortunately inclement weather forced us to delay the adventure by one week.   We are adventurous not crazy.

Dingy returning to main boat

Dingy returning to main boat

The conditions for June 16 were perfect so we all boarded the boat and set off toward Middle Sister island from Kingsville. After an hour of anticipation we launched the support dingy that had a much shallower draft thus allowing our skipper James land the two of us on the island.  The island is COVERED in Seagulls and Cormorants nesting and I had a quarter mile walk around the beach to look for the cache. As the protective parent gulls swooped on me I carried on around the Island to Ground Zero.  To my relief the cache was easy enough to spot. I picked it up and brought it back through the myriad of gulls and cormorants, only getting hit on the head by one gull and pooped on by another once. James quickly launched the dingy back into the water and returned us to the main boat so we could share in the opening of the cache and celebrate the FTF. We all signed the log and it dawned on me I had to run the gauntlet in order to return the cache.   I wasted no time on the island and we quickly returned to the main boat.

Donny replacing cache

Donny replacing cache

To make a day of it we headed over towards Pelee Island with the objective of finding all the caches on the island, 8 in total. After another hour or so on the boat we arrived at the Island and set up a bbq.  We needed to recharge the personal batteries before heading off round the island.

From the West dock we picked up the 2 closest caches before being picked up by the Taxi bus that we called for. We headed anti-clockwise around the Island with the plan to meet our boat at the north dock. Our taxi was from “Explore Pelee” and I had discussed what we were doing and how we’d like it to work. Ann Marie our driver was very accommodating and knowledgeable of the island took us on our way. We made our way round successfully finding all the caches with only one injury. The last find of the day seemed to be off target and as we looked around questmyster tumbled on a rolling rock and hit his face. Thankfully this did not deter him and just as we were about to give up he came up with the find. We made our way back to the cab and onto the boat for the homeward leg.

A day out caching on Pelee is great fun and worth the visit. The FTF on Middle island was a bonus. Our seafaring skipper James and Ann Marie both have now expressed interest in getting into caching so a great day all round.

I will be co-ordinating some things with Explore Pelee with the hope of running some geocaching trips on the island and probably an event there next year. So if this little adventure has pricked your interest keep an eye out for more information in the coming months.

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2 Responses to On a Wing and a Boat

  1. Bernie Richard says:

    Thanks for featuring our boat trip on OGA.
    It was an awesome caching trip for me.
    My name is Yetiatlarge and I have been Geocaching for 11 months now.
    Meeting Donny Moore and all the other Essex County Geocachers members has brought a new and exciting activity into my life.
    This trip was the highlight of my Geocaching to date.
    It will be hard to top.
    Bernie AKA Yetiatlarge

  2. Jozii says:

    I love boat caching! Thanks for sharing this, sounds like you had a great trip 😀

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