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The discovery that the Earth has long been attributed to Columbus but at last as far back as the Romans soon people knew the world was round. Margaret and Bruce from the geocaching team margw6 have first hand experience. They have cached on all seven continents.

Margaret and Bruce of marg6w

Margaret and Bruce of marg6w in Antarctica

I met Margaret and Bruce at the Discover Lennox & Addington event in August of 2012.  Margaret was a bit shy to say she “only” had 800 but she was quick to add that they have cached on all seven continents.  I thought that was very cool.  I asked her send me a little blurb about her experience as I thought it was interesting and I thought you might too.

We have been caching since 2003, and while we don’t have a huge number of caches, we have found caches in 24 different countries and on all 7 continents.  We tend not to do alot of caching around home, although that has changed somewhat in the last year.  We are close to 800 finds and I think we have found about 1/2 of those in the last year!  We do try to cache wherever we travel.  We find that geocaching takes us to areas and sites that are off the main tourist track, are fascinating spots and places we would not have known about otherwise.  Geocaching has taken us swimming in the Antarctic Ocean, to a cool CO2 spring in Slovakia, walking past alligators in South Carolina, to a cannonball embeded in a building in Copenhagen and on a very well done historical multi cache in Bristol, England (I think my favourite of all), just to name a few.

Geocaching has changed a great deal since it started in 2000.   Margaret and Bruce as keeping the original spirit of adventure alive.

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