To be Virtuous or Sinful?

BFL Launch

Avernar hands out BFL Boot Camp launch kits. Photo by: Gregory Pleau

This past weekend saw another BFL Boot Camp, the seventh.  Over 200 geocachers enjoyed some night caching.   When it came time to explore a theme the organizers thought that perhaps the seven sins and seven virtues of geocaching might make for some interesting caches.   This year for the first time there were two series of caches each with their own final.   There were seven sin caches which were slightly harder than the seven virtue caches.   The sins and virtues in this case were all related to geocaching.  You might even say this BFL Boot Camp was educational.

In the event you are unfamiliar with the term BFL it stands for Big FlashLight.   As in previous years you need to bring more than a good flashlight to a BFL Boot Camp.  To start with you need to bring your wits.   The caches in this years’s Boot Camp forced the cacher to think about the cache listing.  Even though there was a cache called Read Thy Cache Listing it is still surprising to see so many logs from the evening that state “we had some trouble so we actually read the cache listing and were soon on our way” or words to that effect.  In addition to your problem solving skills at this year’s Boot Camp  you needed a head lamp of fire tacks, laser for hitting targets, UV for clues (and the Sin clues really popped if you had a 365nm UV light).  One cache incorporated fibre optics another included a home built lamp post and one even required you to use your hearing.   There was also a Wherigo based cache that incorporated many other technologies.

The best way to get a sense of evening is to read the logs from other cachers.  Here is a bookmark list of all the caches from this year’s BFL Boot Camp: Midnight in the Garden.

Participants in the evening’s activities received a bit of a surprise when the Midnight at the Oasis event was published, not surprisingly, at midnight and only lasted for one hour.  Even the event organizers were surprised when they found out about this event, it was not part of the regular planning that went in to the event.

As the launch time neared the cachers who had assembled at the pre-event dinner were getting restless.  The group had swollen slightly after the food was served as other cachers arrived in anticipation of the launch kit release.   In an attempt to distract the group prizes were draw from items donated by sponsors.  The lackey coins donated by Groundspeak were very popular.  The youngest attendees in the audience were lucky enough to leave with a Plush Signal.   The Australis version of the official BFL Boot Camp t-shirts donated by Cache At Night were also a hit.  GPS City donated some swag that added to the overall festivities.  Some of our friends at COG also made an appearance and brought along some coins and travel bugs that were also raffled off.

After reading many of the logs it would appear that this event continues to offer Ontario’s cachers something you don’t see anywhere else.

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