Urban Caches

You are an insider.  You have knowledge of something that many people in the general public don’t.  You are a geocacher!  We hunt for hidden treasures is some exotic locales and some mundane alleys.  Don’t be fooled the mundane places can cause the most excitement, especially when a muggle discovers a camouflaged container in an urban setting.  Please don’t become the next geocaching news story the involves the local bomb squad.

clear geocache containers

clear geocache containers

Here are some things to consider when you are placing caches in urban or sub-urban areas.

  • Use a clearly marked, clear container.  Camouflaged cylindrical objects are just asking to be mis-identified.   You might have to find better hiding spots but it sure beats a visit from the police.
  • Assume groups of people will converge on your cache.   One person looking for a cache might not stand out but groups do.
  • Assume your cache will be found after dark.  We live in a Northern latitude and it gets dark quite early in winter and people stay out later in the summer.   Cachers are perceived differently at night.
  • Choose a location were strangers are not viewed with suspicion.   School yards are a classic example of where not to place a cache but so are trees on easements that are in close proximity to residences.

Use camouflaged containers away from built up areas to make them harder to spot.   Our newsletter sponsor carries a variety of cache containers to fit your needs.

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