Unique Travel Bug

chris-mouse travel bug

Success! The travel bug inside.

All GPS units work, in simple terms, by triangulating your position on the globe using a minimum of three satellites.   To discover this unique travel bug you use a similar concept to triangulate a location or zone that opens the lock on the case holding the travel bug.  Last year at GHAGAFAP I got a glimpse of the travel bug.  At that time all I saw was a plexiglass box with some electronics inside, neat but not overly interesting.   Boy was I wrong.

At this year’s COG Spring Fling I took the opportunity to try out this interesting contraption.   The creator of this discoverable travel bug, chris-mouse,  has built a lock box that opens based on location.   Get the box in the open-zone and it will open allowing you to discover the travel bug.  Sounds simple right?  Here’s what makes it difficult.  You must press a button to see your current distance from the target open zone.  You can only press the button 10 times.   Within those ten presses you need to discern by triangulation the location of the the open-zone.   I was with bggy and it took us all 10 presses in order to gain access to the travel bug.

chris-mouse holding his travel bug

chris-mouse holding his travel bug

I’m sure my description is not doing the experience justice.  Due to the time, effort and expense of creating such a device it only makes appearances at events where it can be monitored.   If you want to try it for yourself you will next find chris-mouse and his unique travel bug at GHAGAFAP in September.

(If you are feeling really adventerous you can join chris-mouse at BFL Boot Camp in October and see what he has come up with for this year’s installment)

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