More Cooperation Needed

The OGA executive continues to work with land managers on behalf of our members.  Shiloh Schmidt (Treknschmidt) presented to about 28 representatives from trail clubs all over Ontario. Some of the clubs were receptive to geocaching but many were not.   Some clubs do not want any geocaching on their trails at all.  Many of the club representatives asked questions about cachers going off trail and how to handle making a policy when the trail club does not necessarily own the land.   What was clear from this meeting is that geocachers must do a better job of seeking permission for their cache placements.  Respecting the needs of land managers is an important step in ensuring that we can continue to enjoy Ontario’s trails.

There was a general lack of knowledge about geocaching but some clubs had more experience.   One local club has enlisted   veteran cacher to help keep an eye on the trail they manage.  All attendees were made aware of the OGA and were encouraged to contact the executive if they had any questions.

It was learned that some sections of the Bruce trail want to remove all caches while others seemed to be okay with geocaching.  It is clear that the OGA has a great deal of work to do with the Bruce Trail clubs in order to build a more cooperative relationship.  Shiloh pointed out that all parties can work together to help identify problem caches and address those as they arise instead of when a complaint from a landowner comes in.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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