Safety Lighting

The longer days of fall are upon us.  Nights will only be getting longer with the introduction of standard time on November 4th.   The upside is that you won’t have to stay up late if you want to try a night cache.  The downside is that you and your furry four legged friends will be harder to see at night.

Illuminated Dog CollarReflective clothing is a great way to increase your visibility at night but it only works if you shine a light on the clothing.  Illuminated safety lights are a great way to prevent your dog from scaring someone on the trails because they didn’t see the dog approach.   An illuminated dog collar is a great safety addition for you, other cachers and your dog.

Another great addition to your visibility arsenal is the ZipLit which will help you keep track of your GPSr or camera at night.   Attach one of these little lights to your gear and you’ll be able to find it if you set it down somewhere.

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