Powers of Ten – The Tradition Continues!

Back in 2007, a unique multi-event was planned for July 7th, 2007 (07/07/07).  It was called “Lucky 7’s” and a geocoin was produced with only four locations participating in the United States.  The following year, more locations joined in worldwide for the “Crazy 8’s” Multi-Event on 08/08/08.  By 2009, the events totaled 29 from the US, Australia, UK, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and Canada and had an extremely popular geocoin designed called “Cloud Nine”.  This year, 36 international events will be held on 10/10/10 and as luck would have it, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving!

Not sure about turnout, but knowing I didn’t want to pass up this project, I decided to host an event and invest in a set of “Powers of Ten” coins for Ontario (and as it turns out, it will be the only colour scheme in Canada). But of course, geocachers don’t let anything get in the way of a good time so I am pleased to say we are steadily getting “will attends”.  In fact, I have received comments that “there’s nothing to do while the turkey cooks anyway…why not go geocaching??”.  True enough!

It was my idea to work with the fall theme instead of against it, so the event will be held at Archibald’s Orchard & Winery (and Golf Course!), just a few minutes north-east of Oshawa.  To add to it, I selected colours for the geocoin that will (hopefully) mimic the autumn colours in Ontario (plus a little glitter thrown in for pizzazz!).  The event will be free, casual and hopefully fun for the whole family with a handful of door prizes and a smiley for your profile.  Pick some apples, hit a golf ball, buy a pie for dinner, watch the kids play or have a taste of wine – this place has variety for everyone’s interest in addition to tables and chairs to sit and gab about geocaching.

So if you are planning on having a turkey in the oven with nowhere to go, why not pop by and say hello?

You can find out more information about our event at:
https://sites.google.com/site/101010multieventontario/ (where you will also find a link to the event cache page if you would like to log your “will attend”)

Want to know the geocoin specifications? Read on:

event geocoin

Powers of Ten Geocoin -Ontario Autumn Harvest Edition

Metal: Antique Bronze
Enamels: Mix of translucent and glitter imitation hard enamel
Size: 1.75″ x 3mm
Trackable?: yes
Custom Icon: yes
Other details: Track at Geocaching.com and tracking code are found on the rim of the coin, this is a 2D design.
Number minted (Ontario only): 100 – an additional small minting may be done should demand deem it necessary.

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