Organized Group Geocaching Events

Groundspeak’s two month test period for organized group geocaching hunts has now come to an end. Nine such events took place during this period and each one was very well received as can be seen by all of the positive comments in the logs. Group cache hunts have always been a part of geocaching and they will continue to be whatever is decided. But it is clear that these type of events definitely have a place as a listed event. Hopefully Groundspeak will see this and come to a quick decision and start allowing these types of events to be listed as geocaching events.

About res2100

I have been geocaching since 2002 and have enjoyed over 12000 geocache finds and 300 hides since then. I continue to be an active member of the geocaching community and keep the creativity, fun and uniqueness in geocaching within Ontario through the caches I place, the events I host, the adventures I organize.
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