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In the past geocaching events specifically excluded group caching activities.  In the past you couldn’t organize a group event with the sole purpose of going geocaching.  You had to have a social component.   Last Friday one of the Ontario reviewers posted a note in the Geocaching.com forums that could change that.

Recently the reviewers of Ontario approached Groundspeak with a request. We asked if Ontario could be used for a two month period to test the idea of allowing an Event to be listed for the sole purpose of group caching (organized cache hunt). We are pleased to announce that they agreed. For the months of November and December it will be possible to create an Event Cache to simply go geocaching. We are very interested to see what the community creates during this period and how these events are received. This test is exclusive to Ontario and will end on the 31st of December. We may have to limit the number of group hunt events that are listed in any given area. With the exception of allowing group hunts, all other guidelines still apply to the review process, like the 14 days advance notice. It should go without saying that each of these events, the logs posted on them and any forum feedback will be tracked for discussion with Groundspeak at the end of the test. This should be viewed as a one-time opportunity to explore a new way to be social with fellow geocachers on the trail and not an indicator or future developments. We look forward to this study and your feedback.

If you have questions about this you can reply within this forum thread or email me directly at cachedrone@gmail.com

This is only a test and will not affect all events. Some groups such as GHMGC or Ottawa’s Geomob could benefit from this type of listing, only time will tell. This is a limited time experiment. This test is only in effect until December 31, 2011. At that time Groundspeak will discuss it with the reviewers and decide on a future course of action. All other event rules will apply.

Northernpenguin over on Toronto Geocaching makes some interesting comments about how such a change could affect the community.  The actual affects of this test may not be felt until this test goes in to production if that ever happens.

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