OGA Day Events

In less than two weeks a series of events will happen across the province on what we have dubbed OGA Day.  This year that falls on August 11th.   We’d like to thank the hosts of the following six OGA day events.

OGA Day 2012 – Breakfast with the geoMob
by bluelamb03 | GC3P08F | Ottawa

OGA Day At Fingal
by Knightwatchman | GC3PX05 | Elgin County

OGA Day Fun For Families
by Donmoore | GC3PBAN | Essex County

OGA Day Corn Roast
by danielwest76 and treasuredtrio | GC3PTJD | St. Mary’s

OGA Day – Northeastern Ontario
by Denis et Doris | GC3QMW0 | Kapuskasing

OGA day 2012-Sudbury 
by choochoo1996 | GC3QYCW | Sudbury

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