November Geocache Spotlight

Sign here, please! (GC2DKCZ) – Owned by DadandJax

This is a unique cache that we recently came across. Although the method of the hide has been used many times, it’s the execution and creativity of it that makes it something really unique and something that we have not seen before. This cache will most certainly stump you and as many have said in their logs, you’ll have your hands all over it and not even realize it. If you want a great challenge and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment if and when you finally find it, give this one a try and be sure to thank the cache owner for making you think outside of the box. This cache is located in the region of Bruce just outside of Walkerton.

Geocache Spotlight is a new feature of the OGA Newsletter. Each month a geocache will be recommended. If you know of a geocache that you either own or have found and feel it deserves some attention, please write something about it and submit it for publication in the OGA Newsletter.

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