November Geocache Spotlight

BFL VI – …in a galaxy far, far away  (GC35FHF) – Owned by The Cacheketeerz
This cache was placed for the 6th annual BFL Boot Camp event and is based on the 1983 Atari Star Wars game. Hop into Luc Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter taking on 3 missions to finally destroy the Death Star. Use your guidance system to lead the way. When your warning system activates, acquire your target and fire your laser at it to destroy it. Beware of Darth Vader as he is lurking about. This cache took a lot of work to set up and the total cost was about $300 for everything. Make sure you have a good flashlight, a laser pointer and a uv light.

About res2100

I have been geocaching since 2002 and have enjoyed over 12000 geocache finds and 300 hides since then. I continue to be an active member of the geocaching community and keep the creativity, fun and uniqueness in geocaching within Ontario through the caches I place, the events I host, the adventures I organize.
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