Message from the President

Hello OGA members! It has been awhile since I wrote anything for the newsletter so I thought I should do something this month!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this winter weather where ever you live and are getting out there to do some caching! I know that I have found more caches this February than any other February since I started caching! The milder winter temperatures and general lack of snow in southwestern Ontario has made that very easy for me! I enjoy receiving your emails so please send me one and tell me what you have done so far this winter!

I would like to say welcome to all of the new OGA members and to thank you for being patient while we have been changing over our new member sign up form. All members are welcome to contact the OGA executive with any questions, comments, concerns, input that you may have! We welcome this kind of information. You can find our email addresses on the OGA website or you can use the OGA forums to also provide input or communicate with each other! We encourage you to use the OGA forums! You should also remember to check the website on a regular basis as we have a few new projects in the works for 2012 including our annual OGA Day events across Ontario scheduled for Saturday, August 11 and Parks Canada events for the summer months. Take a look at our new “Tourism” tab to find further information about these Parks Canada events.

I would like to also welcome and introduce the OGA’s two new executive members. Denis Gionet (dorisetdenis) is our new Northern Region Executive Officer and joined the executive in January. Donny Moore (donnymoore) is our new Southwestern Region Executive Officer, is the newest executive coming on board just this February. Please feel free to visit the OGA website to read their biographies and send them a welcome. I am positive that they will be a great asset to the OGA and the rest of the executive is looking forward to working with them!

If you attended a geocaching event or logged a “found it” on February 29 this year, watch for your new souvenir to appear on your geocaching profile page. I hope you were able to do that or you will have to wait another four years before filling that calendar square.

That is all for now folks, but while you are out there caching, stay safe and respectful of others! Remember that we are a big community of people that care about the land we cache on and the people we meet along the way! Enjoy!


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I am the webmaster for the Ontario Geocaching Association. I've been passionate about geocaching since 2006. You can find my articles about Geocaching on this site as well as on my blog for geocaching stories.
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