June Geocache Spotlight

Hilton Falls Loop (GCRDC1)
– Owned by Nozzletime

Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls

I’ve had this cache on my list to do for a long time.  I finally got around to doing it and I’m glad I did.   This cache was placed in 2005, a time when geocaching was a very much underground activity.   This is a long cache of approximately 27km of walking.   It is possible to do it in one day which is how my group did it but I’d recommend breaking it up into two days.   By the end we were heads down and just looking to finish the cache.

This cache will take you to many scenic parts of the local section of Bruce Trail.  If you time it correctly you can even make an eight icon day out of this excursion.   You’ll need an event and a bit of luck to make that happen.

Even though this cache was placed long before favourite points were possible it has still earned 43 favourites, to date.  If you are looking for a traditional geocaching experience this cache delivers.



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