Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club

Most cachers I know enjoy caching with others, whether it’s just a few friends going out for a day of caching or a bunch of people getting together for the day. Last summer while our caching was slowing down due to having a baby, I thought why not create a group for those people who enjoy going out as a group to different places for a fun filled day of caching. Previously over the years I had read about the many adventures and fun the Ottawa Geomob\Saturday Morning Caching Club has had, so I thought we could do something similar in the Golden Horseshoe area, but just once a month. Also, previously over the years we have had lots of fun and adventure caching as a group with the various Challenge Caching (6 so far) days and Fun Caching (3 so far) days that I have organized by invites through email. Those continue to happen every so often, but I wanted to do something that was open to anyone that wanted to join in for a fun day of caching.

So on August 29, 2009 I created the Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club, GHMGC for short. Ok so it’s not that catchy of an acronym and we have to always think about it when signing the logs at caches, but it works. I decided the best way to do the group would be through Facebook and this has worked out very well. Basically the idea was that every month someone from the GHMGC would pick a location and choose the caches that the group would find that day. Then they would create a Facebook event and invite the members of the GHMGC group. It wound up to be mostly me organizing the day’s adventures, but a few others have stepped forward to host certain months. Either is fine with me as I can always think of different places to go. I decided that since the baby was still very young we would wait until October 31, 2009 to have our first GHMGC group caching day. This took place in Guelph and we had 26 people in attendance for our first group caching event.

It’s been a very enjoyable first year with lots of fun, socializing and even some exciting adventures like wading through the Grand River in Cambridge where the water was up to our chests. In addition to the monthly group caching, there have also been a number of events and caches created by various cachers under the GHMGC name. Here are some interesting stats for the first year of the GHMGC:

467 – Total attendance to date
267 – Total caches found to date
135 – Different geocaching teams who have attended
17 – Amount of different geocaching teams who have attended at least 1/2 of the group caching events
60 – Most cachers group caching without an additional geocaching hosted event (January 23, 2010 in Oakville)
45 – Most caches found in one day (September 11, 2010 in Stratford)
12 – Different locations cached in (no duplicate locations yet)
225 – Amount of current membership in the Facebook group

So after much fun and enjoyment during the group’s first year, we continue on to it’s second year now, starting with Grand Valley for October and then Brampton in November. The Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club is open to anyone. If you would like to join the group or join in on a day of caching as a group, just search for GHMGC on Facebook.

About res2100

I have been geocaching since 2002 and have enjoyed over 12000 geocache finds and 300 hides since then. I continue to be an active member of the geocaching community and keep the creativity, fun and uniqueness in geocaching within Ontario through the caches I place, the events I host, the adventures I organize.
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