Join the GeoFreakZ Quest in Peterborough

Have you heard of GeoFreakZ? Millions of years ago the Krystal Star exploded into a billion fragments. These fragments were being collected and hid in special geocaches throughout the galaxy by a mysterious figure known as The Gassy One. It’s up to the GeoFreakZ to recover these fragments by working their way through the GeoFreakZ Academy. As The Krystal Star is the life source of the planet, the GeoFreakZ must locate as much of The Krystal Star as they can.

Starting May 19, 2012, GeoFreakZ is partnering with Parks Canada to bring a GeoFreakZ adventure. The program is being piloted in 4 Parks Canada locations and Peterborough has been chosen as one of those locations.

Your mission is to help the GeoFreakZ in locating more of the Krystal Star, while avoiding the enemies and the DNF. Do you think that you are up for the challenge? To show your success in each mission, you will need to stamp your passport with the special stamp that is located at each cache location. More details on how you can join the GeoFreakZ on May 19th in Peterborough will be available in an upcoming newsletter.

You can visit for more information on GeoFreakZ.

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