Geofreakz Event (GC3F5AQ)

Millions of years ago, in a galaxy deep in Cyberspace, the Krystal Star exploded into a billion fragments. These fragments were collected by a mysterious figure known only to us as The Gassy One, a mythic semi-hero with a lot of time on his hands. The “Great Gassy” hid billions of shards throughout the galaxy. And now it’s up to you to help find them!

Come and meet with other geocachers, share stories, swap travelers and enjoy the time with fellow cachers.  There will be prizes including a draw for a brand new Magellan GC GPSr!

Find out what the GeoFreakZ are up to!

The Great GeoFreakZ Kick Off Adventure

Location: Trent Severn Waterway Visitors Centre
Date: May 19, 2012Time:  11am- 2pm

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I am the webmaster for the Ontario Geocaching Association. I've been passionate about geocaching since 2006. You can find my articles about Geocaching on this site as well as on my blog for geocaching stories.
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