Geocaching Without A GPS

Summer is just around the corner and hopefully you’ll be outside enjoying the fine weather while geocaching.  From time to time even in the summer the weather just doesn’t seem right for geocaching.  Even if you are stuck inside there are still geocaching activities you can do without a GPSr.   Here are five geocaching activities you can do without a GPS.

  1. Attend an event.  Okay so sometimes you’ll need a GPSr for this one but in most cases the GPSr is optional.   Attend an indoor event and meet the cachers that write those entertaining logs or publish those tricky puzzles.  Take advantage of any ice breaker activities offered at the event you attend.  You’ll get to meet some interesting folks.
  2. Solve a puzzle.   If you are in the Ottawa area you probably do this already.   The folks up that way seem to love their puzzles.   Every area seems to have one cacher that likes this aspect of the game.  Use your time indoors to solve that one puzzle that’s been eating away at you or has become your closest unfound.  The weather will be good eventually, be ready!
  3. Go Shopping.  Not everyone needs to be encouraged to go shopping, you know who you are.   Whether it’s online browsing or visiting an outfitter there is always a piece of kit that would round out your geocaching bag.  For the summer I like to carry a pair of water shoes.  Makes wading a lot easier and keeps my boots dry.
  4. Photography Tutorials.   Learning how to take better pictures, if you are interested in that, can be accomplished by watching some online tutorials related to the area you want to improve.   Perhaps you want to take better wildlife photos while you are out geocaching; just enter a search on YouTube for something like “tutorial wildlife photography” or

Group Picture

  1. Read Online Forums. and the Ontario Geocaching Association both maintain online forums.   If you’ve never visited a forum these are websites that allow users to share ideas, comments and socialize.   There is a wealth of information waiting for you in the OGA Forums.

That’s my list of five things you can do.   What do you do when you are stuck inside?  Have ideas to share?  Visit our online forums and share your thoughts.

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I am the webmaster for the Ontario Geocaching Association. I've been passionate about geocaching since 2006. You can find my articles about Geocaching on this site as well as on my blog for geocaching stories.
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