Geocachers of Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario, depending on how you wish to define it, stretches from the Bay of Quinte to the Quebec border, from the St. Lawrence lowlands up to the Canadian Shield of Algonquin Park. It has a variety of landscapes and a variety of geocachers hunting through those landscapes. As is common with geocaching world-wide, individuals gather together in communities to share ideas and support each other.

In the south of the region the Kingston Area Geocachers, KAG ( and the Lennox & Addington geocachers have a vibrant community with an active social calendar. Large scale events like the annual KACHE are well attended. Lennox & Addington cachers partnered with the County’s tourism office to sponsor a large event last summer with an eye to making it another regular calendar item in the region.

The far east of the region is represented by GEO, the Geocachers of Eastern Ontario ( Their membership spans the entire distance between the St. Lawrence and the Ottawa rivers and up against the Quebec border. GEO has partnered with the South Nation Conservation Authority, whose jurisdiction covers just about the whole of that part of the province, to host several successful CITO events focused on the Conservation Authority’s many properties throughout the area.

Between the KAG and GEO geographically are the Brockville Area Geocachers located on the St. Lawrence shoreline.

In Ottawa the Canada’s Capital Cachers,, has many ‘members’ in western Quebec as well since we define Canada’s Capital as Ottawa and Gatineau. The CCC has a long history of getting together, with the ‘GAG’ (Go and Get’em) events dating back to 2002. The last of these large events was held in October

How can you benefit from these communities? Join the forums that they host on the websites, attend the events they host, get to know your local geocachers to learn from them, share your knowledge and support the hobby.

How can you help these communities? Consider becoming a Regional Representative for the Ontario Geocaching Association. As a Regional Rep you can be reached by the OGA with local requests for geocaching expertise. So far this year the CCC has assisted a local high school to use geocaching as a geography class activity and has helped Parks Canada promote geocaching at a tourism trade show. When individuals or organizations contact the OGA for help it’s nice to have someone local to point them to for the help they need. If you’re interested just contact the OGA Executive.

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