February Geocache Spotlight

Lingham Lake – hypocorism  (GC33P1W) – Owned by Team Goju

This cache is the start of a 60 cache power trail through an area that is visited mainly by atvers, snowmobilers and hunters. This cache is placed on the opposite side of the river from the trail and depending on the time of year you attempt it, you will either be able to hop across the rocks to get to the other side or you may have to use chest waders. Getting to the cache isn’t all there is either as once you are on the other side of the river then you will need to scramble part way up a tree to retrieve the cache. Once you find this cache, be sure to continue on down the trail for the other caches along the trails here, 50 of which are part of this excellent and well planned series.

Geocache Spotlight is an ongoing feature of the OGA Newsletter. Each month a geocache will be recommended. If you know of a geocache that you either own or have found and feel it deserves some attention, please write something about it and submit it for publication in the OGA Newsletter.

About res2100

I have been geocaching since 2002 and have enjoyed over 12000 geocache finds and 300 hides since then. I continue to be an active member of the geocaching community and keep the creativity, fun and uniqueness in geocaching within Ontario through the caches I place, the events I host, the adventures I organize.
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