Fall Caching Tips

Labour Day marks the traditional end of summer.   According to geocaching.com the summer is the peak time for cache placements.  Instead of 48 hours to approve caches Groundspeak suggests it could take as much as seven days to get a cache hide approved.   I think we have great reviewers in Ontario because I submitted two cache hides this weekend and both were approved within the regular 48 hour window.

With all this cache hiding means the fall is a good time for cache finding.  Here are some things to think about as we move in to fall.

flashlights batteries

  1. I gets cool fast when the sun sets.   Either dress in layers or take a jacket or sweater you can put on as evening approaches.
  2. While the days aren’t exactly short they are getting shorter.   It can get dark in the woods early while the leaves are still on the trees.   Be sure your caching bag contains a flashlight to help you find cachers and maybe even a headlight for walking in the woods.   Even if you aren’t in the woods you’ll still want a flashlight.
  3. Whether it is fall or another season be sure and have extra batteries.  Remember to keep some of the kind your flashlight uses if they are different than your GPS.
  4. I like to keep  pair of dry socks in my caching bag.  Cold, wet feet have a way of turning a good day bad.

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