Discover Lennox & Addington Recap

The largest event in August was surely the Discover Lennox & Addington County event that took place in Bath, Ontario.   Over 300 people attended the event.   Not quite enough for mega status but they are getting close.

Prize Time

All that hard work pays off with some prizes!

You guys nailed it. To the old friends we saw, and the new friends we made, our geocaching circle increased because of this “Mega in my mind” event. I know our 3rd will attend next Aug 23 will be just as much fun. – Inkyfiller

I had a wonderful time at this event!! I can’t believe how well-organized it was, and the effort that went into it to make it the event that it was. Nor can I believe how many caches were published today!

Thank you for hosting this event; it was the first large event that Cowboyninja and I went to even though it was far away! lol We had a great time, and can’t wait to return next year to the Rediscovery! – forever.four

Based on log entries for the event I think most of the attendees had a lot of fun.  There was just so much to do!   Kids could enter the colouring contest or play some of the games.   Event the big kids got involved in the ammo can toss.   Having seen the ammo can at the end of the day it is no wonder it is the preferred cache container!   So durable.

ammo can toss

Ammo Can Toss

It was a hot sticky day but this did not stop the attendees from find lots of caches on land and by canoe.   L & A is a canoe cacher’s dream (when the water is a bit higher).   The tour of bath and passport were great additions.  Those that successfully completed their passport received a nice geocoin.

I couldn’t believe how small the organizing committee was.   Coman123 and his wife were the main organizers and did just a super job.   I’ve been involved in a few events in my time and I can say this was one of the better ones.   Congratulations to the organizers for making it a great event.   Keep up this level of commitment and you just might make it to mega status!

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