COTM: Nozzletime

For the month of March our Cacher of the Month Nozzletime has been unable to provide us with an interview. Something about being too busy hunting tupperware. So instead his caching partner Smudge has stepped up to the plate and provided us with an insightful interview of a canine sidekick. Hopefully, some time in the future we will be able to get Nozzletime to stand still long enough to be interviewed.

March: Nozzletime & Smudge

cotm-smudgeUsually with Cacher of the Month we like to focus on the cacher. But this month, we are focusing on the poor canine companion. Dragged from cache to cache, made to endure conditions that we as cachers wouldn’t accept. Literally, they take a backseat all in the quest of tupperware.
Our canine companions are like family, and probably get more excited about caching than we do. Fresh air, freedom, and a good long walk. I think I would get excited too. So if you come across Smudge on the trails be sure to give him a little scratch behind the ears. Geo-dogs deserve recognition too!

Q and A with Smudge

Q: Where do you call home?
A:BurlingtonQ: Where does the name Smudge come from?
A:From the line in the middle of my head, when I was a puppy it was very smudged.

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)
A:Lounge around the house waiting to go out again.

Q: How long have you been geocaching?
A:Long enough to know NOT to steal the sticks that cover the tupperware.Q: How did you find out about geocaching?
A:My caching partner found out and drags me out with him.

Q:Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?
A:Lots (of people). Everyone wants to hike with Smudge!

Q:What gear do you use for caching?
A:Collar and sometimes a leash.

Q:Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)
A:Latest find was Dex’s bone cache! You would almost think he set it just for me!

Q:What are your favourite caches?
A:Ones with long walks and great smells and water to wade through.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?
A:Any under 100 metres from the car, I have to stay in the car.

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?
A:Being honoured as cacher dog of the month!

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?
A:Nope lets just get out and wander around.

Thanks to Smudge for stepping up to the plate and giving us a little insight to the life of a Geo-Dog. Hopefully, at some point we can convince Nozzletime to give us the other perspective of our Dynamic Duo caching team. But rumour has it that maintaining his status as Canada’s top cacher takes up all of his waking moments. It’s tough to think about anything other than the next tupperware find.

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