COTM: model12

model12 has been voted this month’s Cacher of the Month. Lets see if we can pin this retiree down for a couple minutes to answer some questions.

Q and A with model12

Q: Where do you call home?

A: Home is Nepean (Ottawa), in Barrhaven.

Q: Where does the name model12 come from?

A: I first came to Geocaching off a hunting forum, so I just used my sameusername, model12. It’s the model of Winchester shotgun I use for small gamehunting, and the same one pictured on my path-tag, geocoin, stamp andavatars.

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)

A: I’m a retired Childcare-giver. After raising our 2 daughters, I went towork in childcare centres around Ottawa as a supply teacher. It developedinto a full time job for a few years. Then we got a cottage that needed alot of TLC so I concentrated my efforts there for a few years beforediscovering geocaching.

Q: How long have you been geocaching?

A: I found my first cache on April 20, 2006, so I’m approaching 29 months.

Q: How did you find out about geocaching?

A: I was surfing a hunting forum and it was between seasons, so things wereslow. Another forum member suggested I check out the geocaching section, soI did. I saw a photo of a tupperware container bungeed to a tree andthought, “that’s impossible,” – little did I know…

Q: Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?

A: Several. My wife Aldy and 2 girls, LisaMay & Mizuhana cache occasionally.Several other close friends have suffered my caching addiction while ontrips and have actually logged their finds!!

Q: What gear do you use for caching?

A: GPSMap60CSx, a palm pilot, cachemate, GSAK, Mapsource, and the usual bagof goodies that most cachers carry.

Q: Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)

A: My fist cache was GAG7 – Change Exchange (now archived). It was 170metres from my front door. Other notables include Groundspeak Headquarters,while we were on a road trip to Seattle; the Original Stash Tribute Plaque -GCGV0P near Portland Oregon; Hawaii caches were fun and the most scenic ofalmost anywhere I’ve been.

Q: What are your favourite caches?

A: I like the ones that involve a nice walk through interesting forest – toan easy find. Especially if you can do the hike with friends or family.Canoe caches are great too. ATV caches are wonderful but usually invloveserious trips with lots of planning.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?

A: AMIATs at night…puzzles with difficult-to-find resources to use forsolving…I’d rather have an enjoyable walk rather than solve for hours atthe PC.

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?

A: It’s been Earthcache mania around here for the last little while, with alot of new ones getting published every day. I managed to grab Juicepig’snew one in North Bay the other day, and several new ones around Ottawa. Theytake you to interesting spots you wouldn’t have suspected were there!

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?

A: Geocaching is a fun recreational sport, full of enjoyment and wonders todiscover if you take the time to get out there and walk the trails. Sure,there are lots of less-than-scenic caches alongside the roadways, and thereare a few inappropriate urban hides in every town, but for the most partcaching can be a wonderfully pleasant experience – especially if enjoyed inthe company of good friends and family.

Thanks to model12 for taking time out between finding caches to share a few moments with all of us. Always looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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