COTM: Luc & Sweety

Luc & Sweety have been voted this month’s Cacher of the Month. It would seem silly for me to ask myself questions and respond to them. So I turned that task over to Sweety. Lets see what she has to say on our behalf.

Q and A with Luc & Sweety

Q: Where do you call home?

A: Oshawa, Ontario (The ‘Shwa)

Q: Where does the name Luc & Sweety come from?

A: Well Luc’s half is easy, its his name. Mine is just a login name I have been using forever

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)

A: Luc is currently an analyst for major supermarket chain but has just finshed school for GIS and hopes to move on soon. I am a DSW and work with people with special needs.

Q: How long have you been geocaching?

A: We started caching in Sept 2004.

Q: How did you find out about geocaching?

A: Luc was surfing a website about cell tower hardware and seen an ad for Geocaching. We borrowed a friends really old GPS and were hooked.

Q: Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?

A: We love to get friends and family to cache with us. We’ve gotten a few hooked. Others still look at us funny when we talk about it.

Q: What gear do you use for caching?

A: Please, Luc has to have ALL the gadgets!! Theres the 60cx, PDA, Cell w/ WAP, digital camera, head lamps, snow shoes, icers, telescopic hiking sticks, etc..

Q: Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)

A: It took us a year to do our 100th cache, but only 3yrs to do 900th. One of my favourite ones was a group cache to Determination up in Newmarket. Another memorable moment was meeting Tomtec, Spike and 1701 doing the TLI and Poker Series in the Rouge Valley, Luc took a header off a very steap hill and just about lost the Yellow Etrex but still fun fun fun.

Q: What are your favourite caches?

A: We like series caches. One of my favourite series was and still is the Whiskey Jack series, that is why we adopted it!! Luc loves anything that is challenging. And the ones that no one can find. The unique and tricky hides.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?

A: Uhh..Do I really have to tell you? Have you seen my series “It Sucked But I Found It Anyways”? We dislike pointless caches. Ones that take you to no where and show you nothing. Why bother? Either make it something unique or bring us somewhere where we see something that makes say “Wow..”

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?

A: We just passed our 900th find and are on our way to join the millenium club.

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?

A: We would just like to remind people that Geocaching is all about fun. Sometimes people take it too seriously and take the fun out of it. People need to relax and enjoy it. Its not all about the numbers ya know..

Thanks to Luc & Sweety for taking time out between finding caches to share a few moments with all of us. Always looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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