COTM: Fizbot

Fizbot has been voted this month’s Cacher of the Month. Lets turn the camera on him and see what he has to say.

Q and A with Fizbot

Q: Where do you call home?

A: Meadowvale – Mississauga

Q: Where does the name Fizbot come from?

A: Hmm.. The origins are surrounded in mystery and the fog of time, but I doremember watching a lot of battle-bots (remember that?), and I was thinkingthat if I was to build one it would probably go “Fiz-pop-crackle” and thenexplode in a puff of blue smoke, so Fiz-bot and different variations somehowstarted getting used as an online nick.

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)

A: Well, I’m a management consultant by day, working in the deepest darkdepths of the corporate world. It tends to keep me busy quite a bit of thetime (Darn Clients!). In my “spare” time I can be found playing on thecomputer and pretending I’m a photographer. Work hard and play harder!

Q: How long have you been geocaching?

A: Found my first cache in November 2002, but logged my geocaching.comaccount Monday, December 09, 2002. Wow… Going on 5 years now.

Q: How did you find out about geocaching?

A: A friend on the west coast mentioned it to me when we were talking aboutthe best marine GPS’s to buy for his boat. We were debating whether to gohandheld or fully mounted as a handheld unit back then didn’t get you anymaps and was of limited use off a boat. Geocaching came up as a possibleland based use. I didn’t think much about it for probably 6 months untilone night in Toronto I was going through a box of stuff and came across myold GPS. Found the web site and the rest is history.

Q: Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?

A: I have taken quite a few people out caching with me. Some by telling themwhat we were heading out to do, others by not actually telling them what wewere going to do (grin). Mixed bag of takers though. Some people who Ireally thought would get into it never did, and others have really takenoff.

Q: What gear do you use for caching?

A: Right now I’m using a Garmin 60CX which I really enjoy and am completelywireless, using my blackberry for WAP or WEB connections to web site when I need to look things up. When I started itwas with a Micrologic Sportsman which had a battery life on 9Volt batteriesof about 60 minutes and a MAXIMUM accuracy of 100 feet (33m). I’ve still gotbinders of paper from those “old” days when you would have to print out theweb site page and plan your route ahead of time with paper maps :-) (seeGCG141 for more history). I’ve also owned a Garmin Legend, 60C, Venture Cxand various pucks and antennas.

Q: Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)

A: Well there are so many to choose from and certainly more that I’veforgotten then those I remember. Mullett Creek Peek (GC4FBD) was my firstcache. “Some like it hot” (GCNH43) certainly has “memories” as my 1300thfind (Warning – picture may make you temporarily blind). I really enjoyedthe GHMCMC series (GCG1AP).

Q: What are your favourite caches?

A: My favorite caches are ones that take me to new and interesting places.I really enjoy series caches a lot and any caching that I do with a group offriends is a good time no matter how many or few caches we find.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?

A: Micro caches that I can’t find… Really bugs me when I spend all thistime and effort to get to the cache location and I can’t find the sillything. I also typically don’t do a lot of puzzles. I’m much more of a”load the gps” and start driving kind of person and the puzzles just taketoo much pre-planning to work out, save the solution, remember to load thesolution etc…

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?

A: Weekends through October I hiked the “Bruce Trail Project” series ofcaches up by Hockley Valley. I had saved these trails for the fall coloursand was certainly not disappointed! Definitely spent more time takingpictures than caching, but it was a very stunning and worthwhile set oftrails and some excellent caches. I’d highly recommend this area and seriesto anyone into good Bruce Trail style hiking.

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?

A: There seems to be lots of debate around what is a “good” cache and whatis a “bad” cache. My opinion is that different people like different thingsso there is no right or wrong cache or way to cache. If you don’t like aparticular type or style of cache, then filter it from your pocket queriesor ignore it. There are plenty of alternate caches out there that you canalways hit.

Thanks to Fizbot for taking time out between finding caches to share a few moments with all of us. Always looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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