COTM: Capjap

Capjap has been voted this month’s Cacher of the Month. Despite using a Magellan, lets see if she can find her way back to answer some of our questions? :-)

Q and A with Capjap

Q: Where do you call home?

A: Stoney Creek, though I am originally from Windsor, and have lived in a number of different provinces in Canada.

Q: Where does the name Capjap come from?

A: When I first came across caching, I thought it would be a great way for my husband and I to get out and do something together…capjap is the combination of his intials and my initials. Things didn’t quite work out the way I had it planned, and I have inherited the name on my own, though he has done a couple caches with me. If we ever do get the chance to cache together, he’s gonna have to get his own account now… way is he gonna piggyback on my numbers!

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)

A: I work full time but have summers off. During the school year I am pretty busy coaching basketball, and ferrying my #1 son around to his various refereeing events. He just got his license, so hopefully that will end soon.

Q: How long have you been geocaching?

A: I joined in March of 2002, and found my first cache on May 19, 2002.

Q: How did you find out about geocaching?

A: I was home sick one day, and there was an article in the Hamilton Spectator about it. I was curious, so checked out the website, joined geocaching that same day and cached vicariously for a few months before getting my hands on a gps.

Q: Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?

A: I have bumped into a lot of people while caching and introduced them to the sport. Some have signed up and some have not. I got my son involved for a time, as well as some of his friends. A lady I work with has come along with Amazon Annie and me, and the geography teacher at work is now keen about it too. It’s always exciting when you can hook someone into sharing your passion.

Q: What gear do you use for caching?

A: I have an explorist 500…yep…a Magellan. Looking to upgrade but not sure what to get yet. I have a Palm TX that I can use to go paperless, and merrell shoes. I can’t go anywhere without my hiking stick.

Q: Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)

A: My first cache I used a borrowed gps from my husband’s geography department in May of 2002. I found 2 caches Myles in Redhill and Indian Trails, and placed Battlefield cache all in the same month. The gps had to go back, and I just cached vicariously for about a year until I stumbled upon an event cache right in my neighbourhood. I went there, met Logger and Trail, the Daniel Boone Gang, Res2100 and Nozzletime. I had just gotten money for Christmas that year, and hadn’t spent it yet. With all the advice I got that night, I was inspired enough to invest in a Magellan from Radioworld, and the rest is history.

One of my favourite caches has been Dex’s 5/5 Excellent Adventure because of all the fun leading up to it, the organizing, and the group effort to attain it. I liked the Talented Mr. Bean because I solved it about 2 years before ever getting to the cache, and it was also my 1000th find. The most satisfying cache has been Res2100’s The Bunny Made Me Do It. All those puzzles drove me crazy, but it was such a rush when they got solved. I’m just glad he cut the Quebec portion out or I may never have completed it! Screaming Skulls was a very cool cache, and our New Year’s Eves quasi-events have always been fun and memorable. All the GHAGAFAPS….. I guess just about any cache I have done with a bunch of people has been a favourite.

Q: What are your favourite caches?

A: I always enjoy caches that include a nice walk along a trail that takes you to a hidden treasure, like a waterfall, or a pond, or ruins, and that ends up at a well maintained cache. I love going on caches in a light snowfall, or in the fall when the air is crisp and the leaves are turning colours.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?

A: Micros in the woods….for crying out loud, there are literally millions of places to hide a decent sized cache in the woods….I am not too crazy about urban micros in high traffic areas. Again, there are so many places to hide even an urban cache. I also hate caches where there is high risk involved…it’s supposed to be an adventure game – not a survival of the fittest! Oh, and HILLS! Especially after a rainstorm.

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?

A: I feel like I have been out of caching lately because of the lousy summer I had. Nobody was around to cache when I could cache, and everybody could cache when I couldn’t! Now that school is back on, and football has started, my caching availability is severely restricted. So there really haven’t been any highlights lately.

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?

A: I cannot believe all the friends I have made, the places I have visited, the things I have learned, and the challenges I have beaten….. all arising from this chance encounter with a newspaper article. People who were initially only names on log entries that I have gotten to know, and now count among my closest friends….it’s all so surreal. Cachers are an unusual breed, too. I have yet to meet one that wasn’t keen to share their experiences and knowledge, and even sometimes their equipment, and then invite you along for the ride! It’s been an incredible adventure, and I treasure every moment I can be out on the trails, singing songs and cracking jokes, just enjoying nature and the company of good friends.

Thanks to Capjap for taking time out between finding caches to share a few moments with all of us. Always looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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