COTM Buttons and Beaux

November : Buttons and Beaux

This month we interviewed Buttons and Beaux.

Q and A with Buttons and Beaux

Q: Where do you call home?A:Hamilton Ont.

Q: Where does the name Buttons and Beaux come from?
A:Buttons come from our last name and Beaux just fits

Q: When you are not caching, what do you do? (work and/or relax?)
A:I work the compressed 12 hour shifts at Dofasco and I am also a toy collector. Laura is a Girl Guide leader and likes to sew when she has spare time.

Q: How long have you been geocaching?
A:First find was Oct 5th 2003. We cached for the first 3 months with team yahtzee until we got our own GPS for Christmas.

Q: How did you find out about geocaching?A:Was camping at Valens with team Yahtzee and it was a miserable day and he asked if we wanted to try the new thing he found out about and we were hooked.

Q:Have you gotten anyone else involved in the sport?
A:Yes we have gotten our three teenage kids involved. Digitable the Prognamasis. Soap Suds and Kit Kat Bar. I have also got a guy from work interested and he has been out twice but no luck.

Q:What gear do you use for caching?
A:I use a Magellan sports track and Laura uses a Magellan platinum. We also have a Garmin Legend that we use to guide our laptop.

Q:Tell us some of your caching milestones. (First, most memorable etc.)
A:First find was The High Track GC51E3 Found in Oct During a miserable day. Off and on rain turned to sleet and we didn’t mark our park. Spent some time in this track af land

100th find Bunny Hop Febuary 29 2004

500th find Sheldon Trail Cache August 20 2004

1000th find Bouncy Bunny almost gets eaten by a shark April 7 2005

1500th find Huron Park Hide July 20th 2005

Our 100 FTF was tt Play Ball shared with Amazon Annie
One of my (Dave) most memorable caches was Mountsburg Reservoir Coin Cache. The cache showed up at 10:30 pm on Jan. 4th and we were just on our way out to pick up our son at his girlfriends. We told him we were going to take a slight detour to grab a cache. Laura and I and now joined with 4 teenage kids. Our 3 and the girlfriend head out. We arrived at parking about 12.30 am and the kids were wound up. After a couple minutes telling them to be quiet its late we started off. As I climbed over a snow bank I set the alarm off on the van. Took me a couple minutes to get my gloves off dig the key out of my pants pocket which was under my snow pants. This was well worth it as we were FTF. Then there is Whitechurch Stouffville but thats another story.

Laura’s most memorable was “Prickles Pond”, on New’s Years Eve. This cache was most special because of the caching friends that came out that night and shared in ringing in the New Year together. With the company of, Amazon Annie, Dr. Clean, Algonquin Bound, Nozzletime and Smudge, and Nilsk, a bottle of bubbly, marzipan, a few noise makers, that we discovered never made any noise, and a few other new year party thingy’s, we set out to find the cache not a second before or after the stroke of the new year. We shared a few good laughs that night, and created some special memories too. Let’s hope we can ring the new year in with a few more geocachers this year.

Q:What are your favourite caches?
A:I like a long “Multi Cache”, one that takes you all over a little town where you pick up pieces of the town’s history. My favourite one is “1812 on the Niagara Parkway Tour, part one and part two”

Dave’s favorites are the ones along the Bruce trail or similar trails like that Falls Tour Highway 7 Falls.

Q: What are your least favourite caches?
A:Both Laura and I agree that our least fovorite type of cache are web cam caches.

Q: Any recent highlights you would like to share?
A:Just recently we were able after fifteen years, to go back to “Letchworth State Park” we camped there with our families for over twenty years. Thanks to Geocaching! We saw parts of the park that we never knew existed.

Q: Any thoughts on caching you would like to share?
A:Caching is a great family sport. We have 3 teenage kids that seem to not mind caching. When we went to “Cache In” up in Mattawa all three kids had a great time. Cave springs ,Mountsburg, GHAGAFAP and so on. What and where else would teen age kids want to go with mommy and daddy. Dave and I enjoy Geocaching, the different places that it takes us, the people we meet. So many times we’ve heard it’s not about the numbers…but it is about the numbers. It is about…how many beautiful places it takes you…it’s about how many wonderful people you meet along the way…it’s about how many times you laughed…and it is about all the memories that get created.

Thanks to Buttons and Beaux for sharing a little of themselves with us. And we wish them luck on their upcoming 2000th cache, I’m sure it will be a memorable occassion.

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