Century Club

I decided to go to Walking Woody`s Dairy Daze Event outside of Jerseyville and was searching for nearby caches to do when I noticed that it was close to a Power Trail. An old railway line converted to a bike trail with about 40 caches along its 10km stretch. I figured that since the event didn`t start until 5pm, I could do this power trail beforehand. If I couldn`t do 40 caches in 10 hours, I was doing something seriously wrong.

I woke up early that morning and attached my bike rack to the geomobile and strapped my bike to it. I headed out on my grand adventure around 7am and reached the beginning of the power trail by 7:45am. I got everything together and jumped on my bike by 8am. I would ride my bike a few hundred meters then I`d have to dismount for a nearby cache. Find the cache, sign the log, rehide it, then back to the bike and off to the next cache. After riding my bike almost 10kms, I managed to clear out the string of caches along the way, save for one or two that I DNF`d. I rode my bike back to the parking area and after a half hour, I was back at my car, so I strapped my bike to the rack, grabbed a drink and looked at the time…..It`s only 10:30am!!!!

I did almost 40 caches in 2 and a half hours!!! That`s insane!! But then I had to deal with my bigger dilemma. What to do for the next 6 hours until the event starts? Luckily, I downloaded a large pocket query and noticed another Power Trail nearby in Cainsville. I headed on the highway to this next adventure, but this time, I decided to park in the middle of a bunch of caches. Ride my bike east, then west, caching along the way, then it was a much shorter ride back to the car. This made it a lot easier on my legs and my posterior which was sore. After doing a group of caches, then relocating to another area about 5 separate times, I managed to clear out almost another 40 caches and still had a couple of hours left before the event.

Brantford is abundant with PnG`s, so I grabbed a quick bite and drink along the way and off I went. I visited many small parks, a few fast food places, even did a couple of short hikes in the woods, had a couple more DNF`s ( I wish people would disable caches that are missing) and still had an hour before the event. So I decided to work my way east towards the event and pick up any caches along the way. Eventually, I met up with another group of cachers at a cemetery and helped them search in vain for a cache, which turned out to be another DNF, but I met the CO at the event and he was gracious enough to allow us to grab a smiley on this one, since it was MIA and we did search for a half hour where the cache should have been.

Now I am done and off to my first ever Dairy Daze event which I have heard so much about. Upon arriving at the event location, I had a sense of deja cache, since I rode my bike right past here about 10 hours prior. How strange was that? The event was a huge success and I got to share my century day with a few other cachers.

So at the end of this busy day, the summary is as follows:
11 hours
+ 50 kms ridden by bike
+ 200 kms driven by car
+ 8 kms hiked
+ 110 caches found
+ 6 DNFs
+ nobody to complain about needing a Timmy`s or a bathroom break
+ 2/2 difficulty and terrain never exceeded

= 1 hell of a fun filled, muscle exhausting, brain draining, gas depleting, TFTC writing, back aching filled Century Cache Day!!!

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