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Getting Permission

Most geocachers know that you need permission from the land manager or where you intend to place your cache before you actually hide the cache.   Some areas have official policies and some do not.   Regardless of whether or … Continue reading

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Beginner’s GPS for Geocachers

The world of handheld GPS receivers can be quite confusing, both before and after buying one. So here’s an attempt to narrow down the choices for beginning geocachers… Your smartphone If you have a smartphone, it’s a great place to … Continue reading

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OGA Zones

Ontario is a very large province.  Since inception the OGA has maintain executive positions for 5 regions within the province.  Each region is also has regional representatives that can assist with local initiatives.    To give you a better sense … Continue reading

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Essential Gear

The results of a facebook survey indicate that 98% of all geocachers have at some point cached at night.  Sometimes that’s on purpose, they are looking for a night cache and other times the desire for one more find outweighed … Continue reading

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