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Soon we will have the fall equinox, which is followed by the annual BFL Bootcamp. It’s not by accident that the Bootcamp follows the fall equinox. Earlier sunsets means more time for night caching and the BFL Bootcamp is all about night caching.

For the last five years the BFL Crew has assembled an annual collection of night caches that have vexed, tormented, challenged and delighted cachers. This year will be no different. Preparation is in full swing. Locations have been selected and caches are being built. In the previous five years of BFL Bootcamp we’ve seen caches ranging from technical electronic gadgets to spooky themed caches. If it makes, reflects, changes or is somehow reacts to light you might find it in a cache at BFL Bootcamp. You’re your mind open. There is something for everyone, assuming you don’t mind being in the woods at night in late fall.

Over the years Mother Nature has provided as much variety as the caches themselves. There have been beautiful moonlit fall evenings all the way to gale force winds accompanied by snow travelling horizontally. The weather is just another challenge that night cachers easily overcome. I did feel bad for the poor fellow from Brazil that had neither hat, nor gloves, nor boots on the coldest night the event has ever taken place. Learn from his mistakes and come prepared.

Just being in the woods at night is enough of a challenge for some people. BFL Bootcamp kicks off at 21:30hrs with over 150 cachers making a mad scramble to be first to find on the caches placed for the event. Not to worry if you’re not in a hurry. The caches placed for Bootcamp remain as active geocaches even after the event. Some of the early Bootcamp caches are still enjoyed by cachers that get bit by the night caching bug.

The event takes place just west of Milton, Ontario. See the cache page for details BFL Bootcamp – Retro Reflect.

Here are a few things we suggest you bring if you plan on attending our BFL Bootcamp:
–Bring your GPS
–Bring a flashlight, an LED headlamp is recommended, and a BFL is a good second light
–Extra batteries for your lights and your GPS
–A good pen or two
–If you have an FRS Radio, please bring it, and set to Channel 2
–If you have a HAM Radio, we will monitor VE3OD, since VE3ADT is down, and Simplex 146.520
–Bring your cellular phone. Note: CDMA networks have spotty coverage at the command centre. GSM/HSPA+ fares much better in this area

Reading the logs from last year might help you decide if this is an event for you.

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