BC Ministry of Transportation Bans Geocaching

The reality is just as alarming as the post title.  British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation  has banned geocaching within 100m of their property or right of way.   While some may be glad to be rid of guardrail caches this decision could have far reaching implications.

It is every cacher’s responsibility to get land owner permission before placing a cache.  This cannot be more true when you are placing a cache in a location that will receive public scrutiny.  The famed ET Highway was once closed by the Nevada Department of Transportation due to safety concerns.  It was later resurrected after safety issues were dealt with.  The reaction in BC is the result of complaints, most likely similar to those in Nevada that led to the closing of the ET Highway.

Placing caches near roads is always circumspect.   The safety of fellow cachers must be part of the hider’s decision making process.  Is the location safe not just in summer but in all seasons.    Pulling over on the shoulder is not an ideal parking location.   Cachers in Ontario wishing to emulate the ET Highway power trail will do well to consider the possible outcome.   Do you want your cache or power trail to be responsible for having caching banned near Ontario’s roads?

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