John A. Robb

John Robb - President               photo by - Gregory Pleau

      John A Robb – President            photo by – Gregory Pleau

Effective Feb 1, 2013 I became President of the OGA.  Over the next two years I hope to share my enthusiasm for geocaching with as many of you as possible.  I look forward to helping the OGA become a strong voice for Geocaching in Ontario.

For me it is not about the numbers, at least not caching numbers.  I cache for the sheer delight of finding that undiscovered view, neat location, lovely walk or surprising fact.   I started caching in 2006 but didn’t get very active until about two years ago.  It was probably my trip to Ishpatina Ridge that got me hooked on adventure.

I’ve spent the last 20 years in various sales and marketing roles.  In my day job I am the Director of Strategic Aliances for a hosting company in Waterloo Ontario.  I bring my work skills to bear on OGA tasks.

In addition to helping on this geocaching website I am also the author of my own geocaching blog. I use my blog to highlight my personal views on geocaching.  Two of the things I focus on for geocaching are land use issues and caching for the fun of it.

I am also the partner in an online store for geocaching supplies.  We have been sponsoring the OGA’s newsletter for almost a year now and look forward to continuing to financially support the OGA in the coming years.