Gregory Pleau

I have been a member of the OGA executive for 3 years.  I joined the executive at a time when it needed help in order to prevent the association from whithering away.  My participation in geocaching goes back to 2004.   While I have 4975 finds I’ve been moving away from quantity in order to focus on quality.  In the last year I had memorable experiences finding Tour de Matchedash (GC1BZ3N) and The Green Drake (GCPXHC).

In addition to my involvement with the OGA I am also the lead organizer of the annual BFL Bootcamp.  We celebrated our 5th Bootcamp this past October.  In the five years we have been running the Bootcamp the evening has grown to become an highly anticipated night of geocaching.  This past year saw over 150 teams participate well into the evening.

I also manage two other geocaching related projects: Toronto Area Geocachers and the Ontario Trails Project.  The Ontario Trails Project is a community project where users submit tracklogs for trails they have visited and I compile them into a free to download map file for handheld GPSr.

I would like to continue being a part of the OGA leadership team so that I can help grow the association into a valued partner in the geocaching community.