Dave Stephens

Executive for the Southwestern Region

Dave lives in London, his birthplace and home town, after working and living 25 years away in Toronto, Lindsay, Hamilton and Woodstock. An almost-retired pastor, Dave does interim ministries working with churches who are searching for a new pastor, which still leaves time for GeoCaching.

He writes: I started caching on my birthday, March 1 2003, finding the now archived 5-Trunk Cache (GC4046) in Pittock Park Woodstock, using a Magellan Sportrak and wandered around in circles matching the numbers on the GPS to the numbers written on a slip of paper. That year I found 27 caches, driving 85-100 km or more to get to the nearest cache. At the time, I tried 6-7 clever names when I created my account and they were all taken, so out of frustration, I stuck in DNStephens and I’ve been stuck with it ever since.

All of my 3 kids, and my wife have cached with me in the past, but only 2 of them have accounts which are now very cold and inactive. My son-in-law’s account has also grown cold but I’m now waiting for a grandbaby to take caching in the spring of 2014.

LadyS, as my lovely wife is known in the GeoCaching world, is patient with her husband/kid as he comes home wet, muddy, limping or bleeding to undresses week after week in front of the washing machine. She rarely rolls her eyes at me any more.

In addition to playing the usually side-games with GeoCaching, filling in charts, calendars and grids, I have a couple of caching-related items on my life bucket list: to cache in 10 countries outside of Canada, and to find at least one cache in each of the 4 quadrants of the world. I have 3 countries, and 3 of the 4 quadrants done, NW (Canada and USA), NE (UK), SE (Rwanda) with just South America left to go.

I much prefer caching with other people, and I relish a walk on a trail far more than LPCs and roadside Grab n Go caches. I have also discovered that I can’t do them all, and the ‘old guy’ must walk away from the occasional cache, or return with others to grab those more difficult cache placements.

I joined the OGA at GHAGAFAP IV in 2005 and I am honoured to serve the caching community in South-Western Ontario. I try to get to as many events as I can, but I often don’t hear about them in time to get them into my calendar.

Looking forward to meeting you on the trails. Happy Caching!