10 Benefits of Winter Caching

Here in the Northern latitudes many people choose to stay indoors during the winter.   I encourage those folks that would rather stay warm and cozy indoors to get outside and enjoy some winter caching.  Here 10 things I think are benefits of winter geocaching:

  1. Footprints in the snow.
  2. Foliage has turned brown but camouflage stays green.
  3. Swamps and creeks freeze over.
  4. No Mosquitoes!
  5. Wear layers and you won’t overheat.
  6. Fewer people attempting first to find.
  7. You can slide down hills.
  8. Leaves are off the trees making it easier to spot hanging caches (except if they are in evergreens)
  9. Fewer muggles milling about.
  10. Work off your holiday excesses.

Feel free to add your own.

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